A Bilby Wedding

A Bilby Wedding

After a short ‘no visual contact’ engagement, Billy and Bilbina got married on Sunday 15 May 2016.


Bilbies became Violets’ favourite animal after an excursion last year to learn about their endangered status. Shortly after, one of Mum’s friends knit Violet a Bilby, it was named “Bilbina”. Bilbina is slept with most nights, has been with Violet on every hospital visit and is a much loved toy. Bilbina is regularly called a rat or a possum by doctors who can’t see the distinctive tail; on one occasion she was called a Siberian hamster (by a Fawlty Towers loving doctor).

The Engagement

Violet required to be in isolation for her BMT hospital stay. Anything taken into isolation either needs to be wiped down with alcohol wipes or washed at 70 degrees. If anything touches the floor it needs to be wiped or washed again. A day without Bilbina would be very difficult, so Billy the backup Bilby was knit (thank you again Marling!). Billy was hot washed and separated from Bilbina to reduce the risk of two Bilbies on the floor. Note: Stuffed Bilbies do not wash well at 70 degrees, it was unlikely either Bilby would last a 2nd hot wash. It took a week before Bilbina jumped from the bed during her sleep, so Violet met Billy and Billy was tied to the ceiling so he wouldn’t touch the floor. During her BMT stay Violet informed us that Billy and Bilbina were engaged and would be married when she returned home, planning the wedding became a great way to keep Violet occupied and a great discussion point for nurses and visitors.

The Wedding

At 1:30pm on Sunday 15 May 2016 William(Billy) Sydney Bocks and Billbina Matilda Box tied the knot in the front garden of the Box home. Video and photos can be found by following the link.


Married Life

At 2:30pm on Sunday 15 May 2016 Billy and Billbina announced they were having a baby!
At 3pm on Sunday 15 May 2016 Billy and Billbina announced the arrival of their first daughter, Matilda Box.
Billy and Billbina have continued to live a happy life together and have enjoyed being cuddled regularly and having an odd bit of vomit on them.

8 thoughts on “A Bilby Wedding

  1. Congratulations to the happy couple Billbina & Billy. May they have a long happy life together. I also think all in attendance looked lovely especially the celebrant “Craig” even if he couldn’t speak properlyπŸ˜€ And enjoyed the dancing. πŸ‘πŸ˜œπŸ’


  2. What a TOTALLY awesome wedding. Huge congratulations to the Wedding Planners.
    The Bloopers cracked me up. β™‘β™‘β™‘


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