I see you friend…

I see you friend… Swimming with kids… My child has a central line, so showering or swimming is not possible.

I see you friend… On holidays… My holidays have been all used up, filled with sleepless nights caring for my child in hospital. My last holiday was before she was diagnosed, wondering what was wrong, dealing with her whinging.

I see you friend… On a road trip / flight hours away from home… My Child is only allowed to be within an hour of the hospital

I see you friend… Having fun in the sun… My child is in medication that makes her burn even in indirect sunlight

I see you friend… In your active ware doing exercise, yoga, palates … I’d love to have any time to myself to do that

I see you friend… Kicking goals at work.. I’m so tired I have trouble concentrating and focusing on stuff

I see you friend… Playing with your share portfolio and investment house… I cashed in my shares to take more leave and spend with my girl.

I see you friend… With your horrible life, you couldn’t get a seat on the train, your coffee order was wrong, your tire was flat … I laugh at your ‘problems’, harden up.

I see you friend… With your aromatic and slow cooked dinners.. My child runs from smells before she vomits, we’ve been lucky to have a handful of meals together as a family over the last year.

You see me friend… I doubt you’ll ever understand what it’s like. Yes, at times I get jealous of what you have and do. But I love you all the same. This is only temporary.

I see you friend… the silent one who doesn’t post, the one I may not know… I know your problems are bigger than mine, I feel for you, I’ll probably never understand what you’re going through

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