The most important personal trait

A trait that I highly rate is humility.

We live in a “look at me” and “look at what I have” society where I think humility is lost.

My take on the word is, someone who is humble, no matter what status you have, or where you are, you have time to listen stand up for and help others. The dictionary has a slightly different take on it..

So, here’s the people who I respect for their humility…

Some guys I’ve spent many a night around a table or fire with, we’ve had lots of conversations, some deep, some not as much. You do amazing stuff, you’re not after an accolade, just to help out. Jon, Aaron, Rod, Phil, you guys are an inspiration. Ron, you’re new to this group, but WOW, your heart for the underprivileged and downtrodden is amazing.

My grandfather Cyril, is a man of not many words, but what he goes without to help his family is phenomenal. Words can’t express my respect for granddad. I know he passed this trait onto mum, who would never say she’s special; but she is!

‘It was no trouble at all’ is a common response from someone who has surprised us with a care package or meal many times. It’s also very rare to see her not talking to and helping another family at school, looking for nothing in return. Gretel, you are amazing!

I guy I met at work over 15 years ago, sky rocketed into management echelon in the US. A few months back, he was visiting the office, he took the time to come and have a chat about Violet; he was in awe of me! Really! Wow. He values what is important. Thank you Brad.

Have you ever listened to the words of True Blue? …“Is it standin’ by your mate when he’s in a fight” .. John Williamson is incredible, the number of causes he supports is phenomenal… he reminds me of my Dad, who can’t say no to getting involved and helping in the community. Dad you’re amazing.

Tor, you’re one amazing guy and your family is phenomenal! You’ve gone through so much and were in the middle of a storm, yet you called and offered help, you and Trudy visited and entertained us at your house. Wow. And I know where you get it from, Aunty Vic, there is no keeping you away, your visits and hugs meant a lot, to fit that in-between your how many grandkids, charitable endeavours, and other patients you visited, thank you!

A lot of the field engineers I work with truly underplay their skills.. I understand why. And a lot of the time you’re the smartest people in the room, but oh so very humble when you deliver a tough message.

There are others, I’ve probably forgotten for now, but I’ll try to update this as time goes on.

So, THANK YOU to the people in my life who I respect for their humility. Cheers!

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