Community [HDYDI – Part 4]

“it takes a village”

I can say I didn’t know who was in my village until Violet got cancer. Thinking about it, the village is made up of multiple communities, who have all had different impacts:

  • Family – from visiting, to living with us to providing great support. Someone really enjoyed the facetime calls too
  • Friends – Surprise survival packs, car parking cash and random supportive texts!
  • School – WOW, food, picking up kids… I honestly didn’t know what chappy’s did, but now couldn’t be more grateful
  • Church –  prayer, food, house cleaning, lawn mowing
  • Work – passing around the hat, getting extended time off work, complete understanding when returning to work and supporting fundraising efforts
  • Hospital – nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, social workers, so many passionate people we got to know.
  • Paediatric oncology community – No one really knows what you go though, except those closest to the same fire as you. We’ve met some incredible parents in the oncology wards!

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