Simple Prayer

There’s a couple of prayers I say each day. They are simple for a few reasons:
1) So I can remember them when I’m tired and my brain is fried
2) So they kids can remember them

They maybe simple, but there’s depth to them.

For grace:

Lord God I thank you for this awesome meal and pray you bless it to our bodies to make us Big, Strong, Happy and Healthy.

The first part is fine, is the reason we’re saying grace, thanking God for providing us a meal to enjoy.
The rest has a little more reasoning…
Big – a big person is humble, doesn’t try to “one up”
Strong – not physically, but emotionally
Happy – mentally content
Healthy – physically well

Every now and again I discuss with the kids what the prayer means so they have a deeper acceptance of it.


In recent months I’ve also had being laying hands on Violet and praying for four H’s:

Lord I pray Violet is Healed, her Hair grows back and we’re all Happy and Healthy

Healed – cancer/tumor completely gone, never to return.
Hair – Violet longs to have hair again, she’s had years without hair.
Happy – as above, that the family is content, mentally well
Health – Violet and the family is healthy, no matter what treatment is thrown her way

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